Walking the Talk! (26)

(26th in a series of posts on Walkability and Bikeability)

Such a beautiful day! Did you do some exercise? Were you walkers and bikers taking advantage?

The goal for lots of Gadfly followers is a Bethlehem walker- and biker-friendly.

We can’t just talk the talk. That goal can’t just be political gabble.

So take a look at this — June 12, 3:30 PM, Broad and New. Party time!

Donchez walk

And how many of you are Tail on the Trailers? 165 miles in 6 months. May 1 – Oct 31. About a mile a day. About 30 miles/month. Can be done anywhere.

Gadfly plans to double the challenge — 330 miles. But he lost two weeks in May because of a couple family obligations. So he’s behind now. Only 42 miles instead of about 60 in May.

Tail 2

“Who goes with me?” as the great Walt Whitman ended one of his most powerful poems.

One thought on “Walking the Talk! (26)

  1. I’m in.

    I used to do Tail on the Trail, but I dropped out of that when the tracking site started asking me to record time & distance for each segment. Do they still ask us to do what the computer could do so easily? (For the summer challenge, I was biking too, so my goal was a total of 165/mo.)

    Even though I’m not doing that program any more, I think it would be a rare day when I don’t walk at least 3K, often 6–7K. In good weather, I bike for transportation whenever I can, but I don’t keep track of distance.

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