Christmas lights: think uniformity and avoid an unintended racial divide (9)

(9th in a series of posts on Christmas lights)

Stephen Antalics is Gadfly #1.


I reviewed the potential Christmas light examples at city hall on Thursday, May 23rd. I expressed my opinion to those most concerned that the key to the entire project should be uniformity over the entire city., thereby duplicating “Unity,” the original theme of the lights in 1937. People viewing the lights north and south of the city should have the sense of a continuum, a sense of equality of display. To repeat or to somewhat duplicate the present scheme of white lights north of and colored lights south of the river would be an unconscious insult, as Peter Crownfield and others have suggested. White citizens on the north and minority groups on the south, a subtle example, but unintended, of a a racial divide. Carefully avoid this trap. The contrary subjective opinions of any individual groups must be ignored. It is a total city effort!


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