Driving hometown v. outsiders wedges between city residents is disconcerting and unhelpful (73)

(73rd in a series of posts on candidates for election)

Karen M Hicks, Bedlum Resident.


The attempt of Ms. Martin to privilege B’hem hometown locals v. “outsiders,” especially “elites” (her word) really sticks in my craw. When I first came here 35 years ago, I went to an informal gathering and was a told by the organizer that I should get to know another woman also at the meeting, because she, too, was a “newcomer.” I asked the woman how many years she lived here and she responded 10 years. So there. Driving wedges between city residents over this election cycle is disconcerting and unhelpful. I’m restraining myself from using stronger and unfriendly words here. An attempt to divide our community in this manner is too reminiscent of the toxicity going on in the US at large. Get over it. We’re all here to make Bethlehem a livable, hospitable, and great place to live, respecting everyone we share this lovely and livable city with.


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