Poor CDI — they can’t find their silica (62)

(62nd in a series on Martin Tower)

Martin Tower demolition May 19

CDI’s dust is only made of sand and lime — amazing!

May 9 afternoon meeting. Repeated again in the night meeting.

Why is Silica Hazardous?

Silica, often referred to as quartz, is a very common mineral.  It is found in many materials common on construction and oil & gas sites, including soil, sand, concrete, masonry, rock, granite, and landscaping materials.

The dust created by cutting, grinding, drilling or otherwise disturbing these materials can contain crystalline silica particles.  These dust particles are very small. You cannot see them. This respirable silica dust causes lung disease and lung cancer. It only takes a very small amount of airborne silica dust to create a health hazard.


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  1. I think this supports the fact that any comparison to Casiglio is bogus, another false statement from the demolition company.

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