Beginning at the beginning, finally (54)

(54th in a series on Martin Tower)

Martin Tower demolition May 19

Gadfly depends on audio here. Unfortunately, his video failed him. Just pretend we are living in the Age of Radio. It’ll be fine.

You know Gadfly. He likes to work from beginning to end. He likes to put all the information out before editorializing.

He’s gotten out of his usual sequence here. He should have given you the developer and CDI (the demolition people) and City presentations first.

So let him try to fill in. Gadfly likes you to have the primary sources, so that you can do your own thinking and ask your own questions.

Here, then, are the presentations at the 3pm Thursday May 9 meeting. You can refresh your memory if you were there, or you can, in a sense, attend the meeting if you weren’t there.

1) Intro by the Mayor and the handoff to developer Duane Wagner of HRP Management (who is described as hosting the meeting) (6 mins.)

2) James Santoro of Controlled Demolition Inc, the company doing the implosion (5 mins.)

3) PowerPoint presentation by Robert Novatnack, Emergency Management Coordinator for the City (19 mins.) You don’t have the slides unless you came to one of the two meetings, but you can follow along pretty easily just with the audio.

The above presentations were replicated almost exactly at the 6pm meeting, heard one, heard both.

Then the floor was opened for questions from the audience.

The only question regarding the health issue that we are following here was Gadfly’s. He addressed his questions mainly to the CDI guy, with a few to the developer at the end.

First, go back and listen again to Santoro, but this time begin at min. 1:45.

Then listen to the exchange initiated by Gadfly (a minute or two at the beginning was cut off).

Gadfly has already analyzed this exchange at length in post #49, so he won’t repeat that here. You might want to go back and take a look.

The presentations at the 6pm meeting were virtually the same, but in his next post Gadfly will give you the question period of that 6pm meeting.

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