Paige Van Wirt at the Bethlehem City Democratic Committee Forum May 6 (43)

(43rd in a series of posts on candidates for election)

Paige Van Wirt is a candidate for the one of three 4yr seats on City Council, running against Michael Colon, Carol Ritter, David Saltzer, J. William Reynolds.

Van Wirt 1

Paige Van Wirt’s question: infrastructure (4.5 mins.)

“Many of the questions submitted on social media concern infrastructure — city road repairs, highway maintenance, new construction, etc. Can you speak to how you will address those concerns if elected.”

  • there’s a definite mindset different from a business mindset now
  • we just keep kicking the can down the road
  • getting a windfall from Casino Transfer Tax now but must plan better for infrastructure
  • don’t annex other communities into our sewer capacity
  • her requests for sidewalk repair have been denied
  • need a pilot program for sidewalk repairs
  • walkability has been neglected
  • walkability drives people to the City

Saltzer agreed that there should be grants for sidewalks and suggested that grouping projects together could reduce cost (min. 2:28). Carpenter remembered that the Casino was supposed to help us, but now we’re behind on important things. Why are the fundamentals suffering? (min. 3:48).

Paige Van Wirt’s closing comment (1.5 mins.)

  • re-introducing ethics ordinance

Look for more on Van Wirt as she responds to other candidate presentations and participates in group answers on such topics as their unique qualities, transparency, neighborhoods.

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