“Windows and doors closed, tape up, and fingers and toes crossed” (46)

(46th in a series on Martin Tower)

Martin Tower demolition May 19

Dr. Nalyn Marcus has operated Marcus Family Chiropractic in Bethlehem since 1991, since 2007 on Eaton Ave., almost directly across the street from the front entrance to the Martin Tower site.


I am glad I attended all three meetings. One at my office, the city hall stakeholders’ and the 6pm public one. While I continue to be grateful for the efforts to assist in minimizing dust infiltration to my office, I still believe there should have been an earlier offering of accessible information about the implosion. Preparedness and potential impact implication sooner than 10 days prior could have saved me much time, energy, and worry. Data to allay all our concerns should have been posted way in advance. I for one have had the upcoming implosion as my primary focus; for 8 weeks I’ve been calling various agencies, collecting bits and pieces of eye-opening info. And also many dead ends. Yesterday’s public information meetings finally helped clarify many of my concerns and questions, although some long-term health, air, and water assurances weren’t really made with a thunderous promise. The final phrase I heard was “well, it’s a done deal.” True. And now we must look to making smart choices for ourselves and our community as the professionals do all they can to make this implosion come out with the safest outcome possible. What can we do now? Stay involved if you have a concern. It takes a village, and we’ve all learned something from this. Our city government needs to keep hearing from us. Our voices and votes, not private sector dollars, should always be loudest and carry the most weight.

So, windows and doors closed, tape up, and fingers and toes crossed for an incident-free 5/19, and to quote Tiny Tim,

God bless us, everyone!

PS since I just learned our air quality is getting poor grades, what are we doing about that? How can we each individually make a positive impact? Let’s keep THAT conversation going.


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  1. Sealing all homes in the fallout zone should be done by or paid for by the developer or the demolition contracto, as should all cleanup of yards and buildings in the fallout area.

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