Will Carpenter at the Bethlehem City Democratic Committee Forum May 6 (38)

(38th in a series of posts on candidates for election)

Will Carpenter is a candidate for the one 2yr seat on City Council, running against Grace Crampsie Smith.


The candidates were asked a specific question, could respond to the answers of the other candidates, participated in several group questions, and made a closing comment.

Carpenter’s question: on the Climate Action Plan, the environment (6 mins.)

“While the citizens of Bethlehem wait for the proposed climate action plan, there are things we can do to fight climate change now. Please describe some of the environmental initiatives and/or ordinances you would champion if elected.”

  • The environment is one of the things motivating me getting involved here.
  • Everything that I look at as a Council person will be viewed with the eyes, how does this fit in with our Climate Action Plan.
  • The cost of inaction is so much more than the cost of action.
  • Getting ready for the next generation of technology . . . helps to build good jobs.
  • . . . our not wonderful air . . .
  • I’m going to dig into it, study it, make it my top priority.

Crampsie Smith followed up talking about things we could do now, such as a ban on single-use plastic bags, alternate means of transportation, strong laws against littering, and awareness programs for children (min. 2:15). Reynolds filled us in on specific details about what’s actually going on with the Climate Action Plan (min. 3:10). Van Wirt called attention to work by the Environmental Advisory Council (EAC) on a plastic bag ban, a pilot program on solar warehouses, and electric vehicles (min. 4:28).

Carpenter’s closing comment (2 mins.):

  • I bring a different skill set to what’s currently on City Council.
  • I have a developer background, but I’m far from a developer.
  • I’d like to bring that attention, that thought process to City Council.
  • I’ve negotiated lots of big deals, I’ve prepared budgets, had budget responsibility.
  • I’m not running against anything, not coming in saying I have all the answers.
  • citizens . . . environment . . . economy . . . priorities.

Look for more on Carpenter as he responds to other candidate presentations and participates in group answers on such topics as their unique qualities, transparency, neighborhoods.

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