The match game (37)

(37th in a series of posts on candidates for election)

Election day is coming closer and closer and closer.

Two weeks from today.

The candidates appeared at the Bethlehem City Democratic Committee forum last night.

Do you recognize them all by now?

l. to r.: Will Carpenter, Grace Crampsie Smith, Michael Colon, J. William Reynolds, Carol Ritter, David Saltzer, Paige Van Wirt

How well do you know them? Let’s play a game. Match candidate with background.tableCan you with confidence mentally draw a line from each candidate to his or her background?

If not, refresh by listening to the audio: begins with Carpenter, then Crampsie Smith (min. 1:00), Colon (min. 2:20), Reynolds (min. 3:50), Ritter (min. 5:35), Saltzer (min. 6:55), Van Wirt (min. 8:40).

Actually, these intros by the BCDC moderator are a very good overview of each candidate, and I recommend them.

Remember, Carpenter and Crampsie Smith are vying for the one 2yr seat.

The other five are vying for the three 4yr seats.

The BCDC event offered the candidates the wonderful opportunity to strut their stuff, as we’ll see in the next several posts in this series.

We’ll take them one by one.

Be an informed voter May 21

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