Michael Colon at the Bethlehem City Democratic Committee Forum May 6 (40)

(40th in a series of posts on candidates for election)

Michael Colon is a candidate for the one of three 4yr seats on City Council, running against Carol Ritter, J. William Reynolds, David Saltzer, Paige Van Wirt.


The candidates were asked a specific question, could respond to the answers of the other candidates, participated in several group questions, and made a closing comment.

Michael Colon’s question: on opiods (7 mins.)

“Although our City is thriving, the Nation’s growing opiod crisis has not spared Bethlehem, what measures would you urge City Council to take to help those struggling with addiction?”

  • The City has taken a number of measures to combat the opiod problem.
  • The BPAIR program
  • People who overdose are followed-up to see if they need treatment.
  • Police, etc., carry NARCAN
  • City Hall drop box for unused medication
  • Pricing of NARCAN

Crampsie Smith added the possibility of the HOPE Program, an education program, and instituting prevention programs for kids (min. 3:50). Ritter advised that treatment now is not long enough (min. 4:45). Carpenter stressed that addiction is a disease, and we need to take way the stigma (min. 6:00). Van Wirt pointed to a program in Erie, where anybody who wants NARCAN can get it for free (min. 6:40). We must disseminate info about where people can get NARCAN.

Michael Colon’s closing comment (1.5 mins.)

  • great honor serving
  • has been on majority and minority sides
  • approach every issue new
  • competency and integrity

Look for more on Colon as he responds to other candidate presentations and participates in group answers on such topics as their unique qualities, transparency, neighborhoods.

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