What public health and safety questions should be asked (and answered) regarding the Martin Tower demolition? (29)

(29th in a series on Martin Tower)

Martin Tower demolition May 19

Informational meeting
Thursday, May 9, 6PM
Nitschmann Middle School

“It is amazing to me that so many people are reacting to this implosion
as entertainment or spectacle rather than a health risk.”
Barbara Diamond

Nicole Radzievich, “Want to know more about Martin Tower’s demolition? Attend this meeting.” Morning Call, May 3, 2019.

Implosions are wonderful entertainment.

The technological wizardry.

The engineering artistry.

The visual orgasm.

Implosions are made for tv.

Martin Tower implodes May 19.

Gadfly has no gaper appetite to satisfy.

He passes highway accidents without a glance.

Frankly, he didn’t give the act much thought.

And he will be away that day. Far away.

So Gadfly didn’t give the implosion much thought.

Until Marty Romeril at the EAC.

Until Barbara Diamond’s post.


Of course, there must be public health and safety concerns.

And why haven’t those concerns been addressed?

Certainly it seems that the May 9 meeting is late in the game.

Certainly it seems that the May 9 meeting has the feel of being forced by public pressure rather than a routine courtesy.

It is not clear what the format of the meeting will be. We should know that beforehand.

Actually, the newspaper article indicates that there will be two meetings with slightly different representatives and only the second open to the public.

Will “government officials” be at the public meeting? — it is not clear.

Again, it is not (yet) clear what the format of the public meeting will be.

There should be public input at the meeting. One would hope. One would demand.

But in what form?

Gadfly is not sure the customary 5-minute (or 3, or 2 depending on the turnout) “comment” time per person, one-time each, is best.

A Q&A seems better. Specific questions given specific answers. And follow-up if the answers don’t immediately satisfy.

A Q&A might not be allowed.

Here’s an idea. Open to suggestions and feedback and other options.

“We” put together a list of public health and safety questions “we” would like answered, submit that list beforehand, requesting that they be sure to be answered in whatever presentations are planned.

And then public comment about health and safety matters would have something(s) concrete to address.

Even better would be a request that the answers be publicized (well) before the meeting, so the public could think about them.

So Gadfly is going to spend time today thinking what questions about public health and safety he would like answered.

And he invites you to do the same.

And to send your questions to him (through the blog or, tidier, to ejg1@lehigh.edu).

He will compress, compile, organize — whatever — the list and publish it first thing Monday morning for the officials running the meeting to see and to incorporate in their presentations.

Gadfly reminds followers that email links to the Mayor and City Council are on the sidebar for easy access. If it is not obvious, the reason Gadfly has been including this footer is to suggest that if you have public health and safety concerns and concerns about tardy City communication (follow-up information was promised mid-April), that you communicate those concerns directly and powerfully to your public officials.

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