Council cares about MT implosion, waiting for meeting with the Administration (21)

(21st in a series on Martin Tower)

Martin Tower demolition May 19

 Olga Negrón is a Bethlehem Councilwoman.


I really appreciated all the research that Martin Romeril has done on MT implosion and share it with some of us but I’m shocked that he stated members of city council don’t care! I know that at least Dr. Van Wirt and I have been talking about it and asking the administration many questions we have especially after receiving Marty’s research. I have already said “The Sky is falling” but as an elected official, I can’t just start running around screaming “the sky is falling” (yes I remember the cartoons!). I see my role as seeking answers from the administration and get answers not just for my own knowledge but to better inform our constituents. We are appalled by the way the administration is dealing with this issues not just with the public but with members of council and we (members of council) are still waiting to know when are we meeting to “talk about it.” We were told we would know by May 2, today is May 3rd! At this point Gadfly, like you, I’m going from looking for the best spot to watch the historical moment to I’m sealing my house and changing my flight to Puerto Rico to May 18 instead of May 22! But just because I’m not screaming out loud the sky is falling, doesn’t mean I don’t care!


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