Getting beyond the yard signs (33)

(33rd in a series of posts on candidates for election)

 BCDC is hosting a candidates’ forum May 6, 6PM,
at Steelworkers Hall,
53 E. Lehigh St.

Election Day is May 21

random order

For whom are you going to vote for Bethlehem City Council?

A name you remember?

The person with a pretty yard sign?

You have to get beyond the yard sign.

“Voters [in municipal elections] must make more of an effort
to learn about the candidates and where they stand.”
Paul Muschick

Gadfly is making modest efforts to help you in that learning process.

See the series of Q&A’s (the 6th appears this Saturday) and videos
in our Candidates for election thread.

Gadfly wants you to get beyond the yard signs!

One thought on “Getting beyond the yard signs (33)

  1. Substance, who is honest and looks out for the residents/taxpayers each time. Since I believe in term limits that eliminates one candidate. Looking for fresh ideas and a concentration on ethical and respectful behavior. Someone who asks very tough questions also appeals to me.

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