The NAACP candidates forum April 22: here are the candidates for the 4-yr seats on City Council (28)

(28th in a series of posts on candidates for election)

 BCDC is hosting a candidates’ forum May 6, 6PM,
at Steelworkers Hall,
53 E. Lehigh St.

On May 21 (is the date on your calendar?), we’ll be voting for three 4-yr. positions on Bethlehem City Council.

Here are the five candidates for the 4-yr. positions in the order in which they presented at the NAACP forum on April 22.

The presentations are short — you gotta watch!

J. William Reynolds (incumbent)


“The future of Bethlehem is going to be determined by our ability to expand opportunities for our citizens. . . . During my time on City Council for the past couple years I have focused on issues that I feel are about expanding opportunities. . . . climate action. . . . Northside 2027.”

Michael Colon (incumbent)

“I’m the product of a strong community. I grew up in Bethlehem. I was raised in a Spanish-speaking household by my grandparents over in Marvine, went to Marvine Elementary, Northeast Middle School, Liberty High School graduate, got sent off to Penn State, where I graduated, and came back home. . . . I got to learn how City government operates. . . . I understand all the mechanisms of City government.”

Carol Ritter

“I’ve led a number of organizations on a local, state, and national level. . . . I decided to run because when I think about Bethlehem, I think about progress, and I think about how wonderful it is to live here, and I’m appreciative of that time. . . . What’s important to me is a good quality of life. . . . One of my projects over the years is to help raise money for the Mounted Police.”

David Saltzer

“Retired City of Bethlehem fire-fighter. . . . Union president. . . . 911 dispatcher . . . and supervisor. . . . unique opportunity as a former employee, taxpayer, and Union president . . . negotiated with City Administration and City Council. . . . I understand a lot of the concepts and things that are going on in the City. . . . can’t afford to lose jobs in public safety. . . . have to fix the streets before we can ride bicycles on them. . . . opportunity . . . to draw in a living wage job. . . . platform . . . public safety and creating new jobs for the City . . . making sure residents are safe.”

Paige Van Wirt (incumbent)

“I think that my experience in nursing homes and taking care of these frail and marginalized patients and their families who are going through a lot when their loved ones transition into nursing homes really informs my viewpoint on how I see our community and some of the problems that we have in it.”


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BCDC is hosting a candidates’ forum May 6, 6PM,
at Steelworkers Hall,
53 E. Lehigh St.

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