Gadfly in Paradise

(27th in a series of posts on candidates for election)

BCDC is hosting a candidates’ forum May 6, 6PM,
at Steelworkers Hall,
53 E. Lehigh St.

candidates 1
l. to r.: Saltzer, Ritter, Smith, Colon, Carpenter, Van Wirt, Reynolds

Gadfly hopes you love the next three or four posts in this candidate series as much as he does.

We absolutely need the best elected officials we can get.

Gadfly admits that he has voted on insufficient and shaky grounds in the past.

Either he didn’t pay enough attention to researching candidates or the information was simply not available in an easily accessible way.

One of Gadfly’s personal missions over the last year is to attempt to become a better educated voter, and through the Gadfly blog he is trying to extend that mission to his followers as well.

Perhaps there is a political “machine” in town that anoints the Favored Ones.

He hopes not.

In Gadfly’s small-town fantasy, “we” care, “we” are in control, “we” make the choices.

That’s why – with the excellent cooperation of the candidates – he initiated the series of questions and answers going on.

The 5th in the series will come this weekend. And we should have time for 3-4 more before the May 21 election.

The candidates are creating a portfolio for us that will remain available for us to review.

We have a “library” to consult, modest as it is.

But putting an eye and an ear on the candidates is important as well.

Thus, the value of the NAACP candidates forum last Monday, April 22. 7 of the 8 Council candidates attended (Ashley Daubert couldn’t attend).

And Gadfly is providing in the next few posts video record (not such great quality, though – sigh) of the proceedings.

Gadfly was very proud of our candidate crew. He rushed to shake each hand when it was over.

The candidates were thoughtful, collegial, personable, articulate – and good-looking!

Please use this opportunity to put an eye and an ear on the candidates to complement the library of their more detailed views provided here in the blog.

And mark May 6 for the next such opportunity to see, hear, and meet them that I know of at a similar candidate forum.

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