Brief election notes

Remember that May 21 is primary election day and that in our basically one-party town, the primary election is the key one for City Council seats.

Remember that today is the last day to register for the May 21 primary election. See registration information here.  You must be registered and registered as a Democrat to vote for the City Council seats.

The Bethlehem NAACP “Candidate’s Night 2019is 7PM tonight at Steelworkers Hall,
53 E. Lehigh St., though it is not clear from announcements I’ve seen whether any of our City Council candidates plan to be there.

Carol Ritter, candidate for the 4-year seat on City Council, has updated her response to prompt #1 in our Gadfly series as she catches up on her responses. Please take a look. Return frequently to this continuing “Candidates for election” series as we move toward election day to refresh yourself on the candidates and to prepare for casting an informed vote.

You may have noted like I did this weekend that the yard signs have really bloomed.

But we don’t want to vote for a pretty sign or a familiar name.

Gadfly’s slogan for the “Candidates for election” series is “Get beyond the yard sign.”

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