A couple election notes

May 21 is primary election.

Hoping everybody will vote.

Gadfly needs everybody involved in making informed choices for the best candidates for city government.

Thus, please note and continue to refer to our “candidates for election” thread (see under Topics of the sidebar and under Serious Stuff on the top menu).

We are getting great cooperation from the candidates in providing statements on various topics.

By election time each candidate will have prepared a portfolio of sorts where we can find their views and hear their “voices.”

Three sets of responses to prompts so far, and the fourth comes tomorrow.

And Carol Ritter (who’s had what Prof Gadfly nostalgically calls an excused absence) has posted her prompt #2 now and is getting back on track. Please take a moment now to read Carol’s post.

Do all you can to get to know the candidates. I hope they will let me know where they are “appearing,” so I can pass that on to you.

But mark this:  The Bethlehem City Democratic Committee is hosting a candidates’ forum May 6, 6PM, at Steelworkers Hall, 53 E. Lehigh St.

Also, for the incumbents, attend the City Council meetings or watch them on video. You can find past videos here. Several incumbents were vocally “active” at the April 16 meeting, for instance.

And the key thing is that you are registered to vote and registered Democratic (will there be any Republicans running?). In the primary election, you can only vote in the party in which you are registered. And since in a basically one-party town, the primary is tantamount to the general election, you must make sure that you are registered.

Monday is the last day to register!

See detailed registration info in a previous post here.

Thanks again to follower Al W for the registration info and — correcting the record — to follower Carol B for suggesting I provide this info on Gadfly.

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