Second thoughts about the City Council meeting tonight!


City Council tonight 7pm, Town Hall

A new follower asked Gadfly a simple question: “Should I attend the meeting tonight?”

It made me think of something I should have thought of before.

Gadfly plans to post the impressive public comment recordings from Thursday’s Planning Commission meeting on Martin Tower.

As well as some personal commentary.

But he is in a bit of a time-bind right now.

Though the Mayor and most of City Council might follow the blog, might have followed the last several posts on Martin Tower, and might have the opportunity to hear the recordings when I post them in the near future —

it would have more impact for them to hear such views as were presented last week in the immediacy of the Council meeting tonight.

As is, only one Councilperson attended the meeting and heard the excellent public response.

For maximum impact — for maximum pressure — the Mayor and all City Council must be confronted with those views and ideas — in person.

So Gadfly is suggesting that Thursday presenters present again tonight.

So Gadfly is suggesting that people not at the Planning Commission who were able to follow it through the recent Gadfly posts also come tonight and contribute their views.

Use the time at the beginning of the meeting for “comments on matters not being voted on tonight.”

If, for instance, a member of the EAC will be present tonight, he or she could synopsize their excellent letter to the Planning Commission.

Sorry for the late notice in suggesting this, but this would be a ripe time to be heard on matters Martin Tower.


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