Public expertise “basically ignored” by the majority vote of the PC (16)

(16th in a series on Martin Tower)

Martin Tower demolition May 19

Dana Grubb is a lifelong resident of the City of Bethlehem who worked 27 years for the City of Bethlehem in the department of community and economic development, as sealer of weights and measures, housing rehabilitation finance specialist, grants administrator, acting director of community and economic development, and deputy director of community development.


Steve Melnick is the individual who commented about the hotel location. Steve has 40 years or so of economic development experience.

I think when you look at the quality of the speakers it behooves one to question the qualifications of some on the Planning Commission. The public speakers offered a broad background of expertise that was basically ignored by the majority vote of the PC.

That is why the quality of how development takes place in Bethlehem is regularly under fire by members of the community. They’re not anti development, they just want it to be right for the City of Bethlehem. There is no profit motive, just social, environmental and physical integration at stake for the public.


(sorry, Steve!)

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