An opportunity to hear several of the Council candidates (22)

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(22nd in a series of posts on candidates for election)

At the monthly meeting of the Bethlehem City Democratic Committee (BCDC) last night,  candidates were given two-minutes to speak. Not much time, but I think that hearing them even for a short time provides a helpful gauge of personality.

So Gadfly is glad to report that BCDC is hosting a candidates’ forum May 6, 6PM, at Steelworkers Hall, 53 E. Lehigh St. The expectation is that all candidates will be on stage together — so mark your calendars. Don’t miss!

The BCDC organizers didn’t elaborate on what the forum format will be. It will be interesting to see if it includes interaction among the candidates and questions from the audience.

Gadfly’s mission for all of us is better informed voting, so he hopes you will take advantage of all opportunities to learn as much as you can about each of the candidates.

So, lend an ear:

Candidates for the 4-year seat on City Council

Not attending were Michael Colon, Carol Ritter, and David Saltzer

J. William Reynolds (incumbent) Reynolds 3


Paige Van Wirt (incumbent) Van Wirt 2




Candidates for the 2-year seat on City Council

Not attending was Ashley Daubert

Will Carpenter  Will Carpenter


Grace Crampsie Smith  grace crampsie smith



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