Pedestrian bridge: changing minds needed (19)

(19th in a series of posts on Walkability and Bikeability)

Gadfly knows the author of this post, who prefers to remain anonymous.

AS for the positing of the pedestrian bridge:

The pedestrian bridge very well MIGHT change Bethlehem, but walkability would be greatly enhanced if the city would help with keeping the sidewalks walkable (repaired) and bike lanes added to the streets. A bike lane that is to be shared with cars isn’t really a “bike lane,” the cars will always win.

To change the walking and biking and the transportation culture, you need to do a lot of changing of the minds of the residents. These are automotive people, even to go to the gym, they drive.

I live two blocks from Liberty High School, three teachers live on this block, not a one of them ever walked the three blocks to work. It just isn’t in the minds of this population.

Just saying . . .

By the way, if you ever get to New Paltz, NY they have a pedestrian bridge spanning the Hudson. On a trip in September, I stopped and walked across it one evening. Absolutely magnificent, lots of families out with their children, a real treat. Just want to point out that I am not against pedestrian bridges in general. I just think that since we have three at this time, unless someone other than the tax payers pick up the tab, it isn’t a necessary line item. If I remember correctly that bridge had a closing time so there were no late night walks allowed.


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