Questioning the pedestrian bridge (16)

(16th in a series of posts on Walkability and Bikeability)

Gadfly knows the author of this post, who prefers to remain anonymous.

Ok what am I missing in this pedestrian bridge discussion?

Are there not already three bridges (all with pedestrian walkways) crossing the Lehigh?

And where is this to be located?

And, the best nighttime walk? Walking across a boring, lazy, dark river just doesn’t seem exciting to me.

I walk this town a lot, I’ve walked from my home (near Elizabeth Avenue) to the Steel Stacks, to Lehigh, and various places on the Southside, but I don’t know that there are that many walkers in this town.

What I notice when I walk is that many of the people don’t recycle (ignorance or lack of desire?), that the sidewalks are terrible, that many trees are in very bad shape along the walks and roads, etc.

Feasibility study? Meaning: possible to do easily or conveniently.  Sounds like with ADA issues, easily is out. That leaves convenient. So throw enough money at it and anything would be convenient, I guess.

As for the Lehigh River, I have kayaked on it and biked along it. I like it as something to recreate on and near but it isn’t an exciting river to look at.

I just think that the money could be better spent and benefiting many more than a pedestrian bridge.

And again the bottom line for me is that three bridges that you can walk across seem enough in my mind. Biking, not so much, but neither are any of the roads in whole city.

So what am I missing?


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