The Gadfly at 6 months

The Gadfly is 6 months old today.

Time to reflect.

The statement of purpose on the About page begins with “God.”

Pretty pompous.  Gadfly 61

But I think I’ll leave it.

At least for another 6 months.

How else explain the “hang time” of Antalics and Scheier?

I think of gadfly as a special breed – Genus Antalicus.

Gadflying is a calling.

I think of gadflies as unofficial official representatives of the public.

Gadflies have a keen nose for inconsistency and hypocrisy.

Gadflies are institutional  memory.

And it’s not about winning.

It’s about witnessing.

I still believe in the fantasy Norman Rockwell small town.

I like to think of Bethlehem as that kind of small town.

I like to think of model democracy here.

I love the voices at public comment

whether about barking dogs or building high-rises.

The ability to speak is sacred.

Freedom of Speech
Norman Rockwell, Freedom of Speech

And good conversation makes community.

I believe that differences don’t have to divide.

Bethlehem needs a place for people to talk.

People tell me Gadfly fills a need.

Not enough people take advantage.

Not enough people initiate conversation.

Gadfly isn’t just Gadfly’s.

Gadfly needs more voices.

Gadfly wants you.

Speaking on Gadfly is empowering.

Speaking is exercising franchise.

Let there be more speakers on Gadfly.

Gadfly is grateful.

Followers are oxygen.


A tip o’ the hat and a wave o’ the wings to Al Bernotas for the Gadfly image.

One thought on “The Gadfly at 6 months

  1. Your perspective and witnessing has added valuable perspective to the conduct and actions of our local elected representatives. I’m very thankful for that.

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