Letter to the candidates (13)

(13th in a series of posts on candidates for election)

What questions shall Gadfly ask? See post 10 for a list asked of candidates for the two-year seat last year. Modify them? New ones? What’s on your minds?  Let Gadfly know. Pass the word that we hope Gadfly will be a great place to learn about candidates. Let’s turn out a big, informed vote!

Saturday, March 9

Willie, Michael, Paige, Grace, Carol, Will, David

One of my main goals in starting the Bethlehem Gadfly blog was to inform myself and to help others inform themselves about Council members and prospective Council members. Too many times I have voted with scant basis for my choices. And I know I am not alone. If voting means anything, it has to be informed voting. Good government starts with the best people.

So I need your help. Gadfly has about 200 followers. Serious people. People who pay attention. People who are involved. People who will talk to other people. People you should want to reach.

So I’m inviting you to use Gadfly as one of the means you use to motivate voters to choose you in the upcoming election. And in doing so you will spur the wide range of healthy dialogue and debate that energizes public participation.

I would like Gadfly to be one of the main places concerned Bethlehem residents come to learn about you.

Gadfly has a thread called “Candidates for election” that you can find on the top menu under “Serious Issues” or on the right-hand sidebar under “Topics.” There are posts about you there now. As you start to contribute, I will open a separate thread for each of you so that blog followers can easily consult, as it were, your response portfolio.

We have a little over 2 months to election. I would like to fill that time on Gadfly with as much substantive information about you and your views as possible.

I am open to just about whatever you want to contribute, but I will periodically feed you focused prompts.

And the first prompt is: “What uniquely qualifies you to serve (or to continue to serve) on Bethlehem City Council?”

In answering these prompts, I would like you to think of limiting yourself to one focused paragraph so that I can put together a handy comparative chart toward the end of the campaign period.

“What uniquely qualifies you to serve (or to continue to serve) on Bethlehem City Council?”

Will you join in? Your response to that prompt can be sent directly to me by email or through the “Contact” space (see top menu) on Gadfly.

You all deserve many tip o’ the hats for service rendered and/or for service sought. It takes a special kind of person. We are fortunate.


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