“We’re lacking transparency here” (17)

(17th in a series of posts on Lehigh University)

John Marquette is a retired librarian/archivist, author, historian, and a resident of Bethlehem. His current project is focused on the restoration of the interior of the Archibald Johnston Mansion in Housenick Park. 


Regarding your post on Lehigh Northside parking, here is a map of the environs of 123 West Lehigh Street.

123 W. Lehigh

The lot is generally vacant except during Musikfest. Police officers sometimes use it for bike training. Why isn’t a traffic study being conducted for the added volume to the streets feeding into this lot? A new crossfit facility has just been permitted at Conestoga and Union. The Conestoga and Spring intersection is famous for traffic collisions (though I have no statistics to corroborate the statement). The main parking lot for Moravian’s Priscilla Payne Hurd campus is less than 200 yards away. And the neighbors (me, for example, plus the condo owners on Lehigh and Spring Streets) have not been notified of the proposed use. We’re lacking transparency here.


John: The answers seem so easy, I don’t understand why Lehigh just doesn’t give ’em. It has always just seemed odd to me that with what at first glance/thought seems like such a big campus, that Lehigh needs to push parking so far away.  And, if it is true that Lehigh is using that lot — remember, they are not saying so, even though it’s in the material distributed to faculty and staff — then there is still the issue of a bus running apparently at both rush hours that will probably need to stop somewhere in the “canyon” of New St. between 3rd and 4th before heading to Farrington Square.

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  1. It’s also rather interesting that the lot in question was constructed using Community Development Block Grant funds to provide additional parking for Sand Island activities and access to the canal towpath, as part of the City’s overall 250th Anniversary celebration.

    At some point, under the City’s prior administration, this lot was sold to the Bethlehem Parking Authority. Now it’s off limits for use for its stated purpose.

    More hijinks between City Hall and the BPA, and to the detriment of the public.

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