A candidate album as of Feb. 25 (11)

(11th in a series of posts on candidates for election)

As of this moment, Grace Crampsie Smith and Will Carpenter are running for the one two-year seat on City Council, and J. William Reynolds, Michael Colon, Paige Van Wirt, Carol Chamberlain Ritter, and David Saltzer are running for the four four-year seats. I think.

In the near future, we will be encouraging the candidates to favor the Gadfly blog with more detailed position and platform statements to help us make informed choices, but, in the meantime, are you getting to recognize them at least?

Can you identify the seven candidates?

A coupla weeks left. The field could enlarge. It’s great to have choice. Will encourage candidates to define themselves well.

One thought on “A candidate album as of Feb. 25 (11)

  1. Gadfly, I love having choices, especially since I do believe in term limits for Councilmembers. I think each candidate brings distinct skillsets to their candidacies, and the voters certainly will have some good options.


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