Candidate CW Van Wirt on Ethics Reform

(4th in a series of posts on candidates for election)

Gadfly encourages you to listen to a brief presentation that Candidate CW Van Wirt made Wednesday night at a meeting of Lehigh Valley for All.

CW Van Wirt gave a very, very brief work bio.

And then indicated support for walkability in Bethlehem, attracting millennials and tourists, and the pedestrian bridge. Van Wirt

But her main focus was on ethics reform.

We have, she said, an ok financial disclosure law.

But she passed out CM Callahan’s publicly available Campaign Finance Statement as an example.

Take a look.

She did not go into detail about the form.

Leaving it up to us to review.

Nothing illegal here, she said.

But she asked us to think about following the money.

Who are these people — the donors?

(Gadfly recognized some names – do you? – and saw what she was getting at.)

She said we need really tough ethics and campaign finance reform.

Look at what’s happened in Scranton, Philadelphia, Allentown.

She will especially push a bill requiring a person to recuse if a donor is involved.

(Hmm, perhaps like a recent case or two Gadfly covered.)

And, she said, recognize the good going on too, high-fiving Chief Delusio – serious crime down 26%.

So, you should listen to her in her own voice.

Here’s a clear position statement from one of the candidates for Council.

Gadfly also suggests you check out the Lehigh Valley for All web site. Follower Barbara Diamond introduced Gadfly to this organization. They hosted the recent “Education Summit” that Gadfly attended for good info on the charter school question we are discussing. A lively grass-roots organization! Recommended.

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  1. The Councilwoman is spot on! Limit contributions to a $100 max, with all amounts and contributors noted.

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