Banana Factory: Round 3 (8)

(8th in a series of posts on Banana Factory Expansion)

Nicole Radzievich, “Historic panel backs $16 million cultural center concept at Banana Factory.” Morning Call, January 28, 2019.

In this third appearance (January 28) before the Historical Conservation Commission, ArtsQuest asks for “buy in” that they are heading in the right direction for their Cultural Center proposal for the Banana Factory site. There are still some things that Zoning needs to approve, but ArtsQuest asks for approval that they are heading in the right direction and can move forward with their design. The only point of contention was the ArtsQuest continued plan to demolish the house on the property. Three commission members opposed that.

In this detailed ArtsQuest document prepared for the meeting, Gadfly particularly noted the information on the two plazas in the last section of the document.

artsquest january 28

Approval was given with a 5-3 vote. Sounds like the ArtsQuest plan for the Banana Factory site is over the hump. Smooth sailing from here on. Ultimate approval, of course, comes from City Council.

Historical officer Jeff Long (20 mins.)

— begins with detailed description of the property
— 6:25: evaluation of the proposal
— 7:45: summary of HCC commentary points from the previous HCC meeting
— 9:35: how the current plans respond to that commentary
— 13:26: goes building by building indicating what is appropriate and what not

Discussion (40 mins.)

— lots of conversation over specific details
— 3:48-8:30: CMs Traupman and Cornish argue to save the house from demolition
— 23:43-29:25: CM Silvoy makes a proposal to save the house, and CMs Starbuck, Roeder, and Traupman engage
— 19:15-21:50: discussion of a new indoor/outdoor area with canopy off the lobby (similar) to what is now at ArtsQuest


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