Dear Dr. Roy (6)

(6th in a series on Education)

As far as Gadfly can determine so far, the issue is not about the quality of education at local charter schools (as it is at some other places) but the funding process. But the Gadfly invites information, insights, anecdotes, stories, and so forth from followers who have had actual experience with charter schools — children attending, teaching at, etc.

Doctor Joseph Roy, BASD Superintendent

Dr. Roy:

I attended the “Education Summit” Wednesday, and I wonder if you could give me a few more specific facts about the important charter school funding issue for the thread I’ve started for my 200 followers under Education on the Bethlehem Gadfly blog (see link below). You can find the thread by clicking “Education” on the right-hand sidebar on the blog.

1) What is the cost per student – regular and special education – you used for charter school payments this year? (here and below, or for the last year you have figures)

2) How many students from BASD are attending charter schools this year?

3) What percentage of BASD students are attending charter schools?

4) How much of the BASD budget – dollar amount and percentage – is going to charter schools this year?

5) What charter schools are BASD students attending this year? Both name and number.

6) Is there a limit to the number of students that can attend charter schools? For instance, is the only limit the number of charter schools and their capacity? Theoretically, could charter schools drain the district of students?

7) Is there anything else about this issue that you think we should know?

8) Superintendent Sniscak cited the PASA report. Is there anything else that you think would be good for us to read as we learn about this issue, including your own writings?

Several members of the School Board and district staff are Gadfly followers, and I’d like to invite you to follow as well (click the button at the top of the blog sidebar). We try to follow various issues of local interest and concern.

Thank you—

Ed Gallagher

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