zeroing in on the essential issues (60)

(60th in a series of posts on 2 W. Market St.)


CW Van Wirt has a way of zeroing in on the essential issues and for me #8 is it (post #59). The city went through an extensive process revising the zoning code in 2012. It involved a diverse group of community members including several people who currently oppose passing this amendment. This community input in concert with the city is important because it established a broadly agreed upon standard (recalling here your desire for a standard to aid judgment) by which zoning decisions should be made along with the comprehensive plan. There is plenty in the current zoning code that should guide council to oppose this amendment especially 1323.08 “No non-conforming use shall be extended to displace a conforming one.” That would be the outcome if the amendment is supported. Any change in the zoning code should only be made with ample evidence based on sound analysis that it is in the interest of the city. The interest of an individual, as PVW said, is secondary.

Barbara Diamond

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