Honk if you want peace!

And a good number of people did!

015As advertised, your ol’ Gadfly hoofed in the Christmas Peacewalk from Nazareth to Bethlehem yesterday.

Beautiful day all ‘round.

125 or so pilgrims. Doing something REALLY in the Christmas spirit.

From Pa., New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Connecticut.

Some for as many as the 20th year (the walk is 59 years young!).

Witnessing for peace.

Sort of cleans the silt out of your pores.014

Good crisp walking weather.

Chatting with friends new and old.

Offering your 78yr-old-body for a good cause.

Relishing the three breaks along the way – Oooh, that hot chocolate at First Baptist!

Feeling the glow afterwards.

Appreciating how very, very fortunate we are to have people like this.

Reassuring faith – Faith.

Can you support Gadfly supporting our Bethlehem friends at LEPOCO?

$1/mile = $10

Could you simply put “Gadfly” on the check memo line or in the note space on the online donation form?

Gadfly followers are the best!

The LEPOCO Peace Center: Lehigh-Pocono Committee of Concern
313 W 4th St., Bethlehem, Pa. 18015

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