“Butts in the Seats” tonight!

(41th in a series of posts on 2 W. Market St.)

Gadfly thanks faithful Southside follower for the slogan.

Gadfly is speaking to a slice of his followers here. You know who you are.

He borrows it to exhort you to attend the City Council meeting at 7PM tonight in the Town Hall rotunda.

The whole reason for the Gadfly project is citizen participation.

Some of you have been kind enough to say that participation through Gadfly has been good.

Not enough.

Get your buttz in the seatz!

You have been following the important “neighborhood” issue in the 2 W. Market controversy.

You have engaged. You have ideas. You have opinions. You may have worries. You may have a favorite.

Come and hear it play out tonight.

Gadfly alerted us a few posts back that the City is working on plans that may enable us to click from Fox News or CNN or Entertainment Tonight at 7PM every other Tuesday to catch “Live From Bethlehem, It’s City Council”!

That will be good. But still not like being there.

Come tonight. Crane your neck at our handsome Christmas tree. Luxuriate in the awesome view from the parapet.

Best of all, though, is democracy in action.


One thought on ““Butts in the Seats” tonight!

  1. Hoping for a big turnout and a vote informed by good government and professional planning practices.

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