Gadfly’s Study Guide to the 11/20 Council Hearing on 2 W. Market (31)

(31st in a series of posts on 2 W. Market St.)

Nicole Radzievich, “Should Bethlehem allow this firm to stay in the historic home it renovated?” Morning Call, November 21, 2018.

The petition of the owners of 2 W. Market St. in the Northside Historic District to use that residence as a business office is up for a first vote at City Council December 4.

The petition had a multi-hour public hearing in front of the Planning Commission November 8. One Council member attended. The PC deadlocked twice 2-2. Gadfly covered this meeting extensively beginning here with post #14.

The petition had its second multi-hour public hearing (3 1/2hrs to be exact) before City Council November 20. 5 of 7 Council members attended. Gadfly’s coverage of that hearing begins now.

It’s important that the decision in the Council “Court” and in the court of public opinion be based on the widest range of relevant information.

To aid Council (ugh! I know that sounds condescending) and Gadfly followers in the court of public opinion understand the issues and form decisions, Gadfly provides here the following on the November 20 hearing:

1) an audio recording of the entire hearing

2) a “table of contents” file breaking the hearing down into its component parts with time marks for each part for easy reference to the audio to hear and review specific parts

3) the “TOC” file groups the public arguments for and against the petition for ease of assessing each side

Please take a listen and a look.

2 W. Market: Presentations before Council and Questions/Statements by Council —
Nov. 20, 2018:

2 W Market 11-20

Gadfly loves this stuff. Hope you do too! Democracy in action.

Here’s our groundwork of facts. Absorb it. Then we move to questions and analyses.

Once again, Gadfly hopes you will join the conversation on an issue that, at base, affects all of us.

Good conversation builds community.

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