Taking a break on 2 W. Market (27)

(27th in a series of posts on 2 W. Market St.)

It was a packed house last night at Town Hall for the hearing on 2 W. Market.

Were you there?

The Public Hearing lasted over 3 hours – and then the “regular” meeting went on after that.

Gadfly had bail out early in the regular meeting. Sigh.

But there was plenty of action for one night.

In many ways it was Gadfly’s Norman Rockwell fantasy of small-town life come alive.

Residents arguing passionately on both sides of the 2 W. issue just like at the previous Planning Commission meeting.

The only trouble was feelings are starting to get frayed and the conversation verged on going “low.”

For instance, Gadfly was working the lobby afterwards handing out Gadfly business cards, and his offer to one person (not one of the principals or otherwise directly involved as far as he knows) met his outstretched hand with a hard physical swipe and an angry, even menacing, “get that outta here.”

A clear indication that we have to try to look at this issue in as hard-headed a rational view as possible.

Announcement at the beginning of the meeting was that no vote would be taken but that the case would be scheduled again for the next meeting.

So Gadfly is going to go through his notes and tapes of the 3 hours last night and report on what seem to be new things.

And he will also spend the next post framing his thought process a bit differently than he has before – all in an attempt to get a handle on what is a complex argument.

So maybe one more post on 2 W., and then we’ll take a Thanksgiving break.


That will be me you see in the Weiss check-out line in a short while.

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