Alert! 2 W. Market back on center stage

Good Followers:

Gadfly left you Thursday after moving through a handful of information chunks on the 2 W. Market issue that comes to City Council Tuesday night for resolution.

Gadfly is trying to model good critical thinking. Don’t jump to conclusions. Gather all info. Listen to all sides.

Take time.

Then form and back up your conclusion.

Always be ready to listen to others.

The path he followed (follows, because it is not over) in the parking issue.

You were to be thinking about questions and about where you were leaning.

Remember that this is a significant issue but a knotty issue.

But we have ample information from all perspectives.

Where do you think you stand?

Council is probably thinking about this right now too.

Tonight through tomorrow night, I will share with you my analysis.

Weigh in.

And remember my invitation to come to Council to see what might be the last inning here.

We will pretty much know everything Council does.

Let’s see how our thinking compares.


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