Gadfly Followers! Get Your Butts in the Seats! (18)

(18th in a series of posts on 2 W. Market St.)

Gadfly’s special invitation is to attend the City Council meeting Tuesday, Nov 20, 7pm, in Town Hall.

Let me explain.

The impetus for the Gadfly blog is increased public participation in City government.

Several followers have told Gadfly they have appreciated being able to “follow” some issues through the blog in a way they haven’t been able to before.

Ok, that’s participating. But still not the same as being there.

Some of us were talking after the Planning Commission meeting on 2 W. Market a week ago about how interesting that meeting was. It was really kind of gripping.

Gadfly has captured some of the passionate voices on audios in previous posts in this sequence. You can feel the intense emotions.

2 W. Market will be the subject of a hearing at the beginning of Council on Tuesday (so you could leave after if you want), and it promises to be just as gripping.

The issue of control over your neighborhood and neighborhood quality of life is significant to all of us. There are sincere people on both sides of this issue. Both sides see it as a slam dunk for their side. There’s a marathonish Zoning Board hearing in the past history of the issue. Courts have split on it. Our Planning Commission just split on it. Talk about drama!!!!!

How about coming?

Most of you probably have never been at a Council meeting. (Gadfly was rendered speechless when pitching attendance earlier in the year to hear that one of his auditors didn’t know where Town Hall was!)

This would be a good opportunity.

After my next post on 2 W. Market, you will be pretty completely “read in” on the issue.

You will have pretty much the same information as Council members.

So come and see how the issue plays out. Test your views with Council’s. You can feel that you have a stake in their decision.

Some of you probably can’t name or recognize your Council representatives. That was me only a few months ago. This is a good chance to “meet” them and to see them in action.

Granted, some Council meetings are rather boring. Routine stuff. But this one promises to be quite the opposite.

How about coming?

Get your “butt in the seat,” as one Gadfly follower aptly put it.

And say hello to Gadfly – usually sitting stage-left / house-right – bearded, bespectacled, looking every bit an aged literature prof whom you would cast in your next movie.

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