Bethlehem Moments: A Proposal (7)

(7th in a series of posts on Bethlehem Moments)

So the inaugural “Bethlehem Moment” should come to pass tonight!

Remember that the Momentor will be Gadfly granddaughter Riley Gallagher. Riley will read the Moment during public comment so that Gadfly can buzz on about other things.

Please make Riley feel welcome.

Remember too that this is the beginning of a try-out before a proposal to Council to formally add a Bethlehem Moment to the prayer and the pledge as part of the ritual opening of Council meetings.

For good or for bad, let’s remember who we are as Bethlehem residents.

We’ll see how it goes for a while and see if it’s worth a formal proposal to Council.

Anyone interested in participating in this trial run should contact Gadfly.

Over the past several posts, Gadfly has filled in details about and his thinking about these “Moments.”

Some additions.

Gadfly’s thinking the Moments should be approx. 1 minute in length. To give you an idea what that looks like, for Gadfly’s speaking pace that’s about 10 lines of type in a normal 12pt. font size.

Gadfly thinks all Momentors should bring a clean copy (with your name and date ) to give to city clerk Louise Kelchner for the minutes and perhaps for collection purposes or other uses in the future.

Gadfly was thinking a bit more about the subjects of the minutes.

Gadfly doesn’t think they should be about recent history. He would say topics anywhere from the colonial period through the 1950s or so.

And Gadfly’d also say that the topics don’t have to be the big, obvious events and obvious people. The Bethlehem Moments should for sure focus as well on the “little guy” and the “little noticed” that also go a long way to displaying the character and the quality of our town. As a matter of fact, we should try to discover and uncover previously unknown or little regarded aspects of our history.

History isn’t always made in the headlines.

At some point, too, we should build a small bibliography of resources of use to potential Momentors.

Ok, Onward into the Past tonight!


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