The BPA response to City Council’s questions (62)

(62nd in a series of posts on parking)

Here are the responses from the Bethlehem Parking Authority and the City to the 14 questions submitted to BPA on Oct. 15.

As is our practice, Gadfly presents these documents without commentary or analysis of any kind at this time.

Gadfly trusts that his audience can read the documents and form their own opinions and questions. Gadfly trusts that his audience can make up their own minds.

BPA to Waldron
The questions are included with the answers for easy reference.

DCED to Waldron
The City has answered questions 3 & 4.

BPA Lehigh lease
BPA’s lease with Lehigh University for spaces in the New St. garage dated March 1, 2018 — related to question 9.

Business Administrator to Waldron
The City answers question 11.

BPA fines rationale
The September memo from Desman Design originally submitted along with BPA’s proposal to Council to justify the new fine amounts. (You’ve probably seen this before.)

Gadfly is going to take a day or so to absorb this information.

He suggests you do so as well.

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Remember that the City Council meeting on this issue is Wednesday, Nov 7 (the day after Election Day), 7pm, Town Hall.

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