Daryl Nerl 1966-2018

Daryl was a contract reporter for the Morning Call, and many of us knew him from City Council meetings. Gadfly followers might think of this as a remembrance page and send short notes through the “Contact” page or as comments.

Some quotes from the wonderful Morning Call obituary:

Daryl“His workspace was legendary. One editor described Daryl’s desk at the Call’s Bethlehem Bureau this way: ‘To his left was his pyramid of empty diet soda cans that was at least 3-feet tall. To his right was his desk covered with a mountain of documents and reporter’s notebooks and embedded in that mess were about a half-dozen ties – already knotted and ready to wear. If Daryl had to go to City Hall, he would slip a tie over his head, cinch up and head out – a nod to convention for a rebel at heart.'”

“He was a true original; there wasn’t a wishy-washy bone in his body.”

Daryl welcomed me as a rookie attendee at Council from his left-field bleacher seat at Town Hall, often leaning over and filling me in — inside politics, just like inside baseball. — Gadfly

Baseball season officially ended Sunday night with Boston’s World Series victory. Sadly, I learned the next morning that my good friend, former Morning Call colleague and IronPigs season ticket-sharer Daryl Nerl, had died over the weekend. Daryl was a person of many areas of expertise, one of which certainly was baseball. He was a diehard Mets fan, for which I’ve long since forgiven him, and one of the joys of summer evenings at Coca-Cola Park was our discussions, lists and occasional arguments about professional sports.On this, as with everything else, he had strong opinions. We’ve been sitting together at those games since the inaugural IronPigs season, always keeping score and sharing some wonderful memories. I’m having a hard time imagining next summer in Section 110 without him. He was a great friend, a great writer and a great, great baseball fan. Deepest condolences to his mom and dad. — Bill White

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