How many zeroes is that? (8)

(8th is a series of posts on Lehigh University)

Daryl Nerl, “Lehigh University launches $1 billion campaign plus $20 million gift from trustee chair, wife.” Morning Call, October 25, 2018.

“Lehigh Launches Public Phase of $1 Billion+ Campaign with $20 Million Gift Announcement.”

“Lehigh University launched what it is calling its most ambitious public fundraising campaign ever Thursday with a goal of bringing in more than $1 billion to support hundreds of initiatives including construction, increasing the student population and diversity through financial aid, and the establishment of a new college.”

At the beginning of this thread 7 posts ago, Gadfly described the Lehigh “Path to Prominence” plan as breathtaking.

It is two breathtakings. Or twenty.

Look at this! Lehigh plans to raise a billion dollars.


And former gadfly student Kevin Clayton (from a whole family of Lehigh benefactors) is dropping $20mill in the bucket to get things started.

Not to be a wet blanket,

but Gadfly looks at the “GO Campaign,” which “has already raised $550 million toward its goal,” from ground-level.

And hopes that the kleig lights on the Lehigh tote board don’t cast low and minimum wage workers into shadow.

There is/will be plenty of money, yes?

Let’s just make sure that City residents and taxpayers, low and minimum wage workers from wherever, are treated fairly on the “Path to Prominence.”

Let’s ask Lehigh to publicly discuss in much more detail how their parking and traffic plans affect workers at the low end of the pay scale before any other further approvals are given.

On the face of it, a university with all of that money and all of that space would seem able to do right by everybody. Yes?

There may be no problem. Gadfly just thinks we all need more info from Lehigh.

One of the ways you measure a just society is the way it treats its most vulnerable people.


One thought on “How many zeroes is that? (8)

  1. When speaking about effects on low-paid employees, I think it also is important to discuss why a significant number of people who work at Lehigh (and many other colleges & universities) are paid less than living wages. Most are in jobs such as building, landscape, & dining services that are outsourced to private companies. Why?

    Do the institutions lack the management competence to manage these operations themselves? Does outsourcing allow the university to distance itself from substandard wages & benefits? Are jobs outsource to avoid having to provide free tuition to those employees or their children?

    (Incidentally, when people from SEIU were in the Lehigh Valley about 10 years ago to organize Sodexo workers, Lehigh tried unsuccessfully to ban them from the campus, giving tacit support to the underpayment of workers by Sodexo.)

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