Two-fer on Wednesday (that’s tomorrow!)

Good Gadfly followers:

Gadfly has been extolling the fun of attending the Bethlehem Parking Authority monthly Board meeting tomorrow Wednesday at 4PM in the BPA headquarters on the corner of Main ‘n North.

Gadfly has even given you pictures in case you think you’d have trouble recognizing the place.

But who amongst us hasn’t been there paying a ticket? Fess up. C’mon, raise hands.

Or — should Gadfly say — trying to get out of a ticket.

The place is a kind of wailing wall, isn’t it?

People whining and wretching — not pretty.

But I forgot to mention that you could enjoy a double-header tomorrow. Zoning meets at 6 in Town Hall.

You can catch 2 good meetings.

We have a thread going on neighborhoods here on Gadfly and that issue is before Zoning. Mr. Atiyeh’s desire to build a Drug hospital (or is it a treatment facility?) at the corner of Center and Dewberry is, like the Flying Dutchman, come ’round again. Gadfly thinks the neighbors are a bit anxious.

Promises to be very interesting.

Well, Gadfly was trying to get individual emails of the BPA Board members so he could ask someone individually whether they were costuming now that we are getting close to Halloween. In fact, I guess you could call this the Halloween meeting of the BPA. But those emails don’t seem to be available.





One thought on “Two-fer on Wednesday (that’s tomorrow!)

  1. Thanks for doing your best to lay out the issues, and generate turnout, Gadfly. As a city official once told the swarm of gadflies, “butts in the seats do matter” when it comes to influencing our city officials, committees and commissions!

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