Wednesday is a special day

Good Gadfly followers:

Gadfly knows that some of you are thinking about taking him up on sharing the fun of watching City government in operation (instead of just through the newspapers!) by coming with him to the Bethlehem Parking Authority meeting this Wednesday at 4 at BPA headquarters, North and Main Sts. (Gadfly knows you eagle-eyed followers will say the City website says a 4:30 start, but Gadfly went last month at 4:30 and the meeting was already far in session, so he’d say best to come at 4 not to miss anything).

Gadfly knows that but also that some of you are probably nervous and shy about just, in effect, showing up at somebody else’s “house” unannounced. I know, Gadfly felt that way too the first time. It’s natural.

But let Gadfly put you at ease. BPA invited us!  Yep! Listen to the invite at mins. 4:00 – 4:20 here on the video from the Sept 20 open meeting for the Mayor to receive public comments on the proposed parking meter increase:

Sept 20 public meeting on parking meter rate increase.

I heard “Come on Down!”

But where is BPA headquarters, you ask again? North and Main. Gadfly gave you a picture last time, but some of you might recognize it better from a view from Main St. heading to the northside downtown.  Here y’ go!

BPA garage 2

Hope to see you there. Gadfly gets lonely.

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