Whatcha doin’ next Wednesday afternoon?

Good Gadfly followers:

I mentioned in my “Mirthday” post a few days ago how much fun I’m having.

And I was thinking this morning that I should invite you to share it.

Since the first of the year, I’ve been going to a wide range of meetings and seeing how the Boards and Commissions – staffed with regular, normal people just like you ‘n me – make careful and thoughtful decisions for the good of the City.

This is my Norman Rockwell fantasyness in action!

(I’ve mentioned Rockwell several times, and it occurs to me that especially young ‘uns out there don’t have the foggiest idea whom I’m talking about. Will have to spend a post filling you in sometime.)

And I’m often the only spectator there. Even though the cheap seats are free.

BPA garage

So I was thinking that I would invite you to come to meetings with me.

Turns out the Bethlehem Parking Authority Board – made up of people with some of the most familiar names in town – will hold its regularly scheduled monthly meeting Wednesday the 24th at 4.

The digs are beautiful – corner of North and Main. You know where it is. You’ve passed it a hundred times.

Join me, wouldya?

(By the way, was good to see so many of my new friends this morning at Runner’s World. I know I looked like a flounder flipping and gasping for air on a dock, but I am proud to say I was the 2nd fastest 75+ yr-old south of the river today. Your encouragements much appreciated.)

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