Progress on readying the $wift hotel

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The Swifts are the official City Bird of Bethlehem
They need your help


Frankly, the fund-raising has stalled. We’ve run out of gas at $8325. Gadfly likes even numbers. He’s going to make (another) contribution right now to try to crank up the momentum. Who will follow? Can you help? Can you encourage someone else to help? Perhaps the Swifts would make a nice home for a piece of an income tax return.


No more Masonic Temple! Only the Wilbur Mansion and the chimney! All that is left of the Masonic Temple is the concrete railing structure. The chimney now stands alone, supported by a few steel beams. John Noble and his demolition team have succeeded in demolishing the entire building while leaving the chimney standing tall. Now the immense job of stabilizing and repairing the chimney to make it safe as a freestanding structure. The chimney wall that faces the camera is the wall that was against the building.

photos and text by Jennie Gilrain

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