The Bethlehem conversations on defunding the police (4): Susan and Michele

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The Gadfly

Susan Brown

I am just really disgusted with these people who are calling in and attacking our police department. I’ve been a resident for 40 years, I’ve had the police help me many times. One of the most important times was when my 14 yr old daughter was raped. . . . The Bethlehem Police Department got involved . . . Detective Galloway . . . spent over a year . . . getting the evidence because my 14 yr old daughter was afraid for her life and her family’s life, when the incident happened she was threatened. . . . I want to say that I’m tired of these residents, or these groups of people that are against the police department. We have one of the best police departments ever. . . . I have great respect for people in the service field. I think we should be praising them, thanking them, that in today’s society, with everything that is happening, that they even want to be of service to us, that they even want to go out and risk their lives every day, put on that uniform and not know what they are going to get in to. And they have families to go home to that are waiting for them. And these people that are blaming the police for everything, this has got to stop. There is no such thing as defunding, dismantling, abolishing the police department. These people are insane. They need to go somewhere and live in Minneapolis where all this stuff is happening. It’s not happening here in Bethlehem, and I just want to say thank you Chief DiLuzio and everybody else that’s involved in the Bethlehem Police Department.

Michele Downing

30 years registered nurse . . . licensed social worker . . . specialty substance abuse treatment. . . .  Courageous to be willing to have uncomfortable situations. . . . You should not be normalizing these kinds of behaviors. I have never, ever had to taze someone. pepper spray them, or threaten them with a gun. or take them to the floor to de-escalate a situation. . . . thousands of situations. . . . I don’t know if that is a training issue. . . . To normalize the fact that we are talking about brutalizing a human being as a method of de-escalation is just really not acceptable and alarming. . . . Police Chief . . . denied or ignored information from Dr. Ochs’ team. . . . Best case scenario I have a Police Chief who is not checking his email and worst case scenario I have a Police Chief who got on this call and lied to city council and all the members of this city who had the decency and respect to stay on this call for over 4 hours. . . . No one has told me what police officers are taking [in regard to training]. . . . I don’t think that asking how much training is actually happening is an unreasonable request. . . . Please do not get this mistaken. I am not anti-police. I am pro-Bethlehem. I am pro my community. . . . But if you do not live here you are not a citizen of Bethlehem. Because you work here does not make you a citizen. . . . hopeful that we can move toward . . . hire . . . candidates that live here so that they have the same investment in the welfare of this city.

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