Single-payer: reduce cost but reduce quality

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Peter’s comments indicate that single-payer would “dramatically reduce overall healthcare costs.” Yup, and it would dramatically reduce healthcare quality when healthcare providers work for minimum wage. And, yes, we should definitely get rid of the private healthcare insurance industry. According to some, the millions of people put out of work when the healthcare industry is nationalized could find work selling life insurance, or maybe they could open car washes. At least they would stay in private industry. And it will not be Medicare-for-all, it will be Medicaid-for-all. The wealthy will still get great medical care. They can afford it. Everyone else, including Peter, will be waiting in long lines. Maybe they can run up to Canada for shorter long lines.

Al Bernotas

Note Al’s comment on Peter’s previous post too.

Followers differ over how to handle healthcare. Gadfly suggests a pause in this thread till after the two more posts he has with video from Wednesday’s Council.

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