Thinking about the (next) election

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So there’s an election coming up in two weeks.

It’s an important one — judge, district attorney, controller, school board, etc., etc.

And Gadfly hopes you will make sure to vote.


But Gadfly’s not real excited about this one.

He focuses on Bethlehem, and there’s no opposition for City Council slots.

No way his energy and enthusiasm will match the 70+ posts you will remember he did on the primary.

Gadfly’s looking ahead already to the May 2021 primary.

The Hizzoner or Heroner (we haven’t had a woman) position of Mayor will be open.

And three Council slots (we haven’t had all women).

Gadfly wants the best possible candidates. Plural. Choice.

Candidates probably have to formally declare by February or March 2021.

15-16 months away.

They will be thinking about it earlier. Maybe even now.

Gadfly knows that his followers are intelligent, thoughtful, concerned, connected — and ever-growing in number.

He would like to suggest that the gadfly blog is a good place for potential candidates to start sharing ideas and visions.

Pass the word.

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