The Community Action Development Corporation of Bethlehem(CADCB)

(Latest in a series of posts about Neighborhoods and the Southside)

Community Action Development Corporation of Bethlehem
409 East 4th Street, Bethlehem, PA 18015

“Empowering people and transforming South Bethlehem”

If you watched the Bonn Place Brewing video in the previous Gadfly post, you saw Anna Smith.

Anna is a Gadfly follower and contributor of some of our most thoughtful, fact-based, experience-based posts on the Southside, affordable housing, and related topics — most recently, “It’s time to move forward with some zoning or code changes to address student housing.”

Anna is also — in her day job! — director of the Community Action Development Corporation of Bethlehem (CADCB).

Gadfly has been trying to familiarize himself with the myriad organizations in and related to our City. And seeing Anna in the video reminded him that he visited her a month or two ago to get a better bead on CADCB.

Unfortunately, such time has passed that his notes have gone cold. But we can work from the very good CADCB web site to get an idea what’s up there. Gadfly’s betting that, like him, most of you, though perhaps having heard of CADCB (or Anna), couldn’t describe in any detail what they do.

Let’s take a post or three to walk through the CADCB web site. Please click and browse along with Gadfly.

The ambitious CADCB mission:

The mission of Community Action Development Corporation of Bethlehem is to promote social and economic change by fostering business and other economic opportunities within the community of south Bethlehem.

CADCB is a subsidiary of the Community Action Committee of the Lehigh Valley (CACLV). There will be a test on these acronyms! The mission of the CACLV is:

to improve the quality of life in the Lehigh Valley by building a community which all people have access to economic opportunity, the ability to pursue that opportunity, and a voice in the decisions that affect their lives.

Wow! Missions to die for!

The nature of CADCB and CACLV is spelled out in more detail here:

  • As an ADVOCATE, CACLV is the conscience of the Lehigh Valley.
  • As a COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION, CACLV values neighborhoods that are economically self-sustainable.
  • As a HUMAN SERVICES AGENCY, CACLV values people.
  • As a NON-PROFIT CORPORATION, CACLV values responsible stewardship of the funds entrusted to us and the resources available to us.
  • As an EMPLOYER, CACLV values our employees.

Wow! You’ve got to like organizations that see themselves as the conscience of their communities.

CADCB organizes “a steering Committee of community residents, business owners, clergy, non-profit organizations, city government, and community leaders . . . responsible for implementation of Southside Vision 2020.”

More on the Southside Vision 2020 plan next.

CADCB: “Empowering people and transforming South Bethlehem”

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