Allentown residents comment on the Allentown resolution

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Allentown City Council meeting July 29, 2020, video
min. 7- 50

Allentown 3

Let’s focus on Allentown resident commentary on the resolution regarding police operations we just posted (min. 7-50).

There was no live or call-in public comment like we might have in Bethlehem. Residents were invited to send written comments, which were then read into the record by the City Clerk.

That took about 40 minutes.

Gadfly would say that there were in the range of 40-45 written comments read into the record.

Gadfly invites you to browse through the comments through the link above.

Citizen participation in action.

Gadfly would say the number of residents in favor of the resolution outnumbered the number of residents opposed, but only by a very slight margin.

The striking characteristic of the comments by those in favor was their similarity. Many of the favorable comments followed — exactly — the same “script.” This caused agreement among Council members to consider these comments a “ditto,” and they were not read in full.

On the other hand, comments by those opposed to the resolution were characterized by individualized personal specificity.

Gadfly leaves it to you to determine whether this difference in rhetorical approach means anything.

But Gadfly loves citizen voices, and he encourages you to listen in on the commentary that this resolution generated.

And what we’re doing is trying to open ourselves up to all the info and thinking that we’ll need to bring to bear on our own upcoming Bethlehem discussions.

to be continued . . .

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