Slowdown in coronavirus cases locally

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The City press conference with that important budget information covered in our last post also had some important health information.

Christina Tatu, “Wind Creek closure hits Bethlehem’s budget, contributing to projected $5 million to $7 million deficit.” Morning Call, April 9, 2020.

Thursday’s press conference also included an update on Bethlehem’s coronavirus cases.

Health Bureau Director Kristen Wenrich said the city was up to 222 positive cases by Wednesday evening, with one death and 29 hospitalizations.

Bethlehem has seen a slowdown in the number of positive cases being reported. A couple weeks ago, the city was nearly doubling its case count every couple of days. On Tuesday, there was a less than 20% increase in new cases within the city.

“We are continuing to stress the stay-at-home order and how important it is. We don’t want people to get complacent,” Wenrich said.

One thought on “Slowdown in coronavirus cases locally

  1. You should realize that the percent increase will tend to decrease as the number to compare against also increases.


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